Monday, January 12, 2009

The Battle of Dry Winter Skin

Thanks to my dearest mother, I unfortunately have dry, sensitive skin. This makes winters in even more difficult than they already are. Harsh winds and bitter cold temperatures turn my face into a flaky red mess, my hands into dry and cracked battle grounds, and my lips…well let’s just say an atrocious mess. Luckily after trying many products, I have seemed to find my niche to beat these cold weather blues.
Dove has always been a favorite of mine. We’ve all heard the commercials, “with ¼ moisturizer,” this stuff kicks major winter butt. With their creamy indulgent textured body washes, lotion is rarely required. My pick is the Supreme Cream Oil Ultra Rich Velvet body wash. You almost get a work out squeezing the bottle to get it out. I even use it for shaving cream; better than any skintimate product I have ever used! When it comes to my face, I need to handle my skin like wires on a bomb; anything that comes near it could mean major damage. Aveeno seems to be the only facial lotion I can use. It’s free from oils, which means no clogging, and rich in moisture, which means no more flaking. There is nothing more unattractive than dry, cracked, UNkissable, alligator lips. With the enormous amount of Lip Care out there, it’s hard to find one brand as your go-to. Mine has been Nivea SOS Lip care- a kiss of relief. Some medicated brands are simply overpowering; makes me feel like I’m smudging straight hospital on my lips. It contains calendula oil, and shea butter which make my lips super soft with no stickiness.

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salka15 said...

I use this type of Aveeno lotion because I have sensitive skin and also want to take away from any redness. It works great, I love it!