Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NuBras just got EVEN better

Anyone who owns a NuBra can vouch that it changes lives (in the wardrobe department of course). I couldn't agree more- What's better than a Bra you can wear with anything-backless, strapless etc- that actually gives you a rack when you have little to work with? Simply stick on one cup, stick on the other, push together and clasp- BAM! ...cleavage. So, I don't know why they never thought of this before but NuBra has JUST come out with a Push Up Seamless. I for one am super pumped. Tell your friends- they will thank you.

Get it here!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Old skool do- new skool trend

The process of braiding has been around for ages, and seems to be making quite a comeback. We've seen celebs sporting their lush locks wrapped up in different styles. Whatever style you prefer- fishtail, crown, or just a simple french- this summer you're sure to inspire others with this simple yet elegant trend.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harem Pants- Love them or Hate them?

It seems that most people hate the new McHammer-esuqe Harem pant trend. Me- I'm a little on the fence about them. This particular example really just makes me think of a grown-up diaper. But I have seen ones that can work, and many of the major designers have also jumped on board- DVF, YSL, Ralph Lauren among others. While living in Florence years ago I saw this trend on many of the Europeans which then slowly crossed the Atlantic over to the US around 2008, and still growing slowly- Spring and Summer 09 were big season's for the interesting trend. I don't think they've hit their max just yet- so can plan on watching the trend blossom and change. My advice- get the higher crotch that has more volume and slowly narrows to the bottom. The length should hit mid calf- and make sure to pair with some killer heels. Be bold!

Lady Gaga, What are you doing?

You have to give Lady gaga props for her unique and risky fashion choices, but this is just utterly ridiculous. There's a point when bold fashion moves just go too far. Maybe she has a pimple? Maybe she had a bad botox batch? Whatever the case may be, leave the scary dominatrix mask at home. Ok, Lady Gaga we get it, you're kinky.... after this charade, I'm left with a sour taste, from her "saving face"