Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bring on Some Spring Accessories!

Walking around the wet and muddy streets of Boston today, my mind began to wander off and dream of a time when I no longer need to tuck my pants into my boots that have been destroyed from snow and salt. I have a few shoes on my Spring radar already and it looks like the styles are super funky, and I am a huge fan. These Alexandra Neel's really caught my eye. The feather detail adds a touch of sexiness, which allows us to wear flats at night. I'm also a big follower of Sam Edleman- the gladiator sandals they create every Spring season just keep getting better! They're great for everyday and always have edgy details.
Those of you who are Jack Roger fans Queen Bee has you covered. It's by far our most popular shoe, and a shipment is due next month:
Queen Bee's Jack Rogers Selection

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