Monday, March 16, 2009

Do It Yourself: Destroying

Destroyed denim only disappeared for a short while- but it's back in full force. Many celebs have been spotted wearing their brand new, already destroyed denim. For those of you who refuse to pay top dollar for denim that already looks overworn- this tip is for you. All you need is some bleach, a dremel, a metal cheese grater and some scissors. Bleach works well to break down and discolor the fabric. Let it sit for an hour or two. You can also dribble it to make spots. Wash and dry before you begin to shred and tear. Put some shoes in the dryer as well to beat the fabric a little more. Go at the jeans with the dremel, grater and scissors to get the look you want. Paint can also be a fun touch- just make sure you don't wash it with anything else for the first few times. When you're done, you'll feel accomplished and smarter than those who paid over$200. Take that, Abercrombie!

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