Friday, February 20, 2009

Milly Fashion Show @ Bryant Park

The Milly ready-to-wear collection defines the new young luxury niche with its smart, feminine and sexy style. The Fall 2009 collections are exquisite!!!! Plenty of functional pieces with sleek, timeless silhouettes and luxuriousous fabrics that easily transform day to night and season after season. Ecru silk organza dress with black grossgrain waist and black silk tulle dress embroidrered with matte sliver sequins nearly make me faint. Along with the chic fashion editors and buyers, there were also a handful of "celebrities" such as Mary J. Blige, Julia Stiles and Elizabeth Hassleback showing their support to the designer; Michelle Smith. After the show ended, I left with a happy smile and can't wait until these collections to hit the stores knowing these are the pieces you will love forever.. Until then I'll be dreaming more ruffles...

Manhattan Bee

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