Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Fashion 2009

So I give Beyonce props for being the curvy girl in Hollywood and making it look sexy. She makes some wild choices, but this one for me was a no go. The dress simply reminds me of a really expensive tapestry that would be put in one's home. Again she has a great shape, and she knows how to work it, but I am just simply not a fan.
As a side note- the "musical" number was quite entertaining, but did she lip sync?


Hot Mess said...

Oh Beyonce, how I hate you. She looks OKAY. I will only give her an okay.

I think SJP had great cleavage and Alicia Keys looked AMZING. Also, I hated Miley Cyrus' belt but loved the dress.

p.s. totally thought Beyonce lip synched but would she really? At the Oscars?!

HeatherBee said...

I wouldn't think she would pull something like a lip sync, but it really looked like she was

QueenBeeSwain said...

I liked the musical number too! material looks like something Blanche on the Golden Girls would have a dress made out of for a gala or something....